The Ultimate PVC Blindfold


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Fantastic neoprene lined PVC blindfold; this piece has 2 buckle adjusts on the sides for maximum comfort and fit. Double back strap means it won’t slip off. Will fit most people.

We don’t call it the “Ultimate” Blindfold for nothing, this is the best blindfold you’ll ever use.
There is no up or down with this blindfold, you’ll never put it on someone upside down.
This blindfold will not slip off your head, the special double back strap holds firmly in place.
Fully adjustable with adjustment straps on both sides, this will fit almost every head size.
Removable, Washable Lining, the wet suit type neoprene lining is attached by velcro for easy cleaning.
Last but not least is the quality and construction of the materials, we use the finest ultra shiny PVC available for a indestructible and comfortable fit. If that wasn’t enough, all of the hardware is made out of a highly polished stainless steel, the buckles will never dull or rust like most of the other buckles out there.
Quite simply the ULTIMATE blindfold.

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